Archbishop urges Zimbabwe boycott

THE Archbishop of Bulawayo has urged Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard to have the Australian tour of Zimbabwe in September cancelled. Archbishop Pius Ncube said that the government should intervene.

“My encouragement would be let’s keep out,” he said. “Let’s boycott and not go there, so that in this way we can embarrass and put pressure on the Zimbabwe government and Mugabe and his cronies.”

Stuart MacGill, the Australia leg-spinner, is uncomfortable with the prospect of Australia touring Zimbabwe, which anyway promises to be very one-sided. “It’s naive to think that sport and politics don’t mix,” he said. “You have to look at things from all angles and make your own mind up about the sorts of things that are important to you and that you have a bigger part to play in the world community than just on the sporting field.”

The ICC have always avoided boycotts in case such actions escalate to suit political aims and agendas, fragmenting the game.

Zimbabwe have fallen to 11th in the world one-day rankings behind Ireland after the World Cup.

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