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ICC look at new tech to end chucking

NEW “wearable” technology is to be introduced by the ICC to settle doubts about illegal actions, a problem that still occasionally hurts cricket, especially at international development level. The ICC announced from

Interpol offering reality check

INTERPOL, the international policing organisation, have offered to help the ICC by taking steps to prevent organised crime from infiltrating cricket. This follows hard on the warning by the ECB this week

ICC powerless to stop the cheating

THE unpalatable truth is that the ICC can do very little to stop spot-fixing in international cricket. This has been apparent ever since Hansie Cronje, captain of South Africa, was exposed as

Gibbs in silly stew

SORRY, but the Gibbs two-match ban is nonsense and exposes the ICC anti-racism campaign to ridicule. On Sunday just before lunch on the fourth day Herschelle Gibbs made a comment to his