Oulton threatened by Leeds council

Club cricket

THE future of Oulton CC has been jeopardised by Leeds City Council because, after existing rent-free for 130 years through the goodwill of a Victorian land owner, the club face a charge of £2,000 a year.

The Calverley family put the Aberford Road ground in trust to benefit local cricket, but the 99-year lease expired and the council have decided to levy rent, adding a £2,000 demand from last year for good measure. The Wetherby League club’s chairman Andy Uridge faced having his own personal assets seized after the council chased up the £4,000 through the county court, and there is a real prospect of the club losing their ground.

Uridge said in Yorkshire Evening Post : “This is really about as serious as it gets. Unless we can generate some funding pretty quickly, there is a question mark over this club’s future. “It would be a tragedy for Oulton. This cricket club has been in existence since 1878.

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