Romans hold sway at Musselburgh

Club cricket

ROMAN altar stones dating back almost 2,000 years have delayed work at a cricket pavilion in Musselburgh.

The BBC reported that after the discovery of these ancient relics and other artefacts — described as the most significant find of their kind in the past 100 years — renovations were put on hold while archaeologists surveyed the area.

George Findlater, senior inspector of ancient monuments at Historic Scotland, said: “The stones have carvings and quite possibly inscriptions which can have a wealth of information on them, a lot of data about the people and their religion at that time.” At least one of the altars is from the 2nd Century and is dedicated to the Roman God Jupiter.

Councillor Paul McLennan, a member of theEast Lothian Council, said: “The discovery of these remains is particularly exciting as it is not often that Roman altar stones are discovered during an archaeological excavation in Scotland. This helps with the emerging picture of life in and around the Roman fort at Inveresk during the second century.”

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