Tudor the ‘spinner’

Alex Tudor would measure out his run-up by taking a leap back from the crease and scratching a mark quite close to the stumps before pacing out the rest of the distance.

As an ‘unknown’ Surrey 2nd XI fast bowler before his England days he played for Spencer, the London club at Wandsworth. In a cup match against Radlett a visiting batsman, Dave Robinson, assumed Tudor was a first-change spinner when he saw the bowler scratching the turf near the stumps and he ran his batting helmet back to the pavilion. Though Robinson was warned of his misconception by his batting colleague, he decided it was too late to change his mind. What Tudor made of this apparent insult is not known, but his first ball would have hit Robinson flush on the nose if the batsman had not raised his glove just in time. Then he had his helmet brought back…

From 125 Years of Cricket at Radlett CC

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