ECB premier league vision fades with Home Counties break-up

The ECB’s drive to bolster professional cricket by focusing on a premier league structure has been quietly shelved, and there have been suggestions that the policy has actually been reducing the number

Ackroyd’s etching sums up eccentric spirit of wandering cricket

Norman Ackroyd – artist, Royal Academy powerhouse and occasional golf opponent of mine – once drew an evocative etching of a village scene and cricket match between Swinbrook CC and Lord Gnome’s

Shocking reminder that cricket can never be perfectly safe

The recent death of a club cricketer, Darryn Randall, in South Africa proved to be one of the very rare occasions in these days of head protection where serious injury was sustained

The Vatican’s new cricket club aims to reach the far corners

The Vatican launched their cricket ambition in Rome this week – a powerful side, according to their publicity machine – and they intend to issue challenges to engage with other denominations and

ICC look at new tech to end chucking

NEW “wearable” technology is to be introduced by the ICC to settle doubts about illegal actions, a problem that still occasionally hurts cricket, especially at international development level. The ICC announced from

Kaneria plight reflects wider ills

THE former ICC Anti-Corruption and Security Unit director Ravi Sawani has this week submitted a report to the Indian cricket authorities as the result of a television ‘sting’ that appeared to show

Interpol offering reality check

INTERPOL, the international policing organisation, have offered to help the ICC by taking steps to prevent organised crime from infiltrating cricket. This follows hard on the warning by the ECB this week

American captain on fraud charge

STEVE Massiah made his United States debut with a rapid century against a Minor Counties XI at Stone in Staffordshire in 2000 before climbing the ladder to the captaincy. So this week’s

Yardy honest about depression

THE Sussex captain Michael Yardy has disclosed he has been suffering from depression, a condition that led to his withdrawal from England’s World Cup campaign before the quarter-final against Sri Lanka in

Skipton real ale strong on appeal

THE Skipton brewery Copper Dragon are producing another real ale brand with a cricket theme to build on the popularity of Fred Trueman Ale, named in the memory of the England fast